Dreamland Front Cover Final 11-3-2017
Synopsis: Uday Hussein was the ace of hearts in the US military’s deck of playing cards that was provided to the soldiers soon after the second war with Iraq began in 2003. Uday was known by everyone in Iraq as a murderous thug who learned his trade from his father, Saddam. His tyrannical career began with his first killing when he was in college, and his deadly ways continued remorselessly throughout his life. Click to Read More

First Reviews of the Book:
“Surviving Dreamland” is a remarkable achievement. With a background in international development and diplomacy, Bill Penoyar has delivered a thrilling novel weaving historical facts into fiction. In the final battle between the Hussein Brothers and U.S. Special Operations, I felt like I was there with an M-4 in my hands. You will not want to put this book down.”

“Surviving Dreamland is a tantalizing novel from the first page all the way to the end….”

“Surviving Dreamland is a harrowing tale of an Iraqi-American young lady that survived an abduction by Uday Hussein….”

“Surviving Dreamland is a wonderful, powerful book. An irresistible storyteller, the author is able to hook you with his first few lines….” Click to Read More

PODCAST: Author William F. Penoyar discusses his book, “Surviving Dreamland”


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Bill Penoyar

People and Places that Inspired Surviving Dreamland – Escape from Terror:

  • Developing the book cover – and Sama’s eyes.

  • Lara: The heroine of the story: “…She and her father were both working with the Military as interpreters and advisers….”

  • U.S. Special Forces: “…when I became the USAID adviser for the Regional Threat Team, Strategic Operations Directorate under the U.S. Forces Command HQ near Baghdad…”

  • Iraqi-American and Iraqi national assistance during the Iraq war: “…These men and women were our most valuable colleagues and probably the folks that had the most to lose if they or, in the case of Iraqi nationals – or their families had the most to lose if the wrong people learned of their alliances and contributions.”

  • The Iraqi-American family: “This is a true story, copied from my book On The Road with a Foreign Service Officer….” Click to Read More

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